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About Us

our mission

We are Swizzlesticks Lacrosse. Welcoming youth players of all skill levels to come and learn to love the game. Whether you are brand new to lacrosse or wanting to improve your play, our program is designed to meet you where you are and take you to the next level. No tryouts, no travel. Just learning and playing.


  • Positive atmosphere-coaching with care and enthusiasm

  • Welcoming-everyone welcome regardless of skill level or ability

  • Emphasis on life lessons-teamwork, effort and energy

  • Mentorship & Leadership-high school coaches, former players, led by top notch adult coaches passing on learning and skills



Angie Kensinger, Founder of SwizzleSticks Lacrosse

While we formed and officially rolled out SwizzleSticks Lacrosse in the fall of 2013, Angie Kensinger had used the name for a middle school girls' team the prior few summers and we thought it was perfect. We wanted the program to reflect Coach K's passion for girls' lacrosse, so we set out to instill a love for the game through phenomenal coaching, a positive atmosphere, and an emphasis on the life-lessons prevalent in athletics and team sports. Coach K was insistent that SwizzleSticks be a program that would be embraced by any 3rd through 8th grade girl, regardless of her experience and talent level, and it thrived under her leadership. Coach K and her husband, known to the lacrosse community as Mr. Coach K, passed away unexpectedly in 2019. Words cannot describe how much we miss our two dear friends and our organization will never be the same without Angie's buoyant presence, but we will strive every day to carry out Coach K's vision and continue one of her great legacies.