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Gear & Equipment

'24 season

For those new to the sport, the links below are suggested vendors. Lacrosse Unlimited has a store near St. John’s School on W. Alabama, with salespeople who can help you if you have questions. Gear is also sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Academy Sports & Outdoors, but it’s hard to find help if you have lacrosse specific questions.

What gear do you need?

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    Women’s Stick

    Look for a woman’s/girl’s stick. In contrast to the man’s/boy’s stick, the head of the stick will be flatter, with a shallow pocket. 

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    Protective Eyewear-Goggles

    should fit comfortably on the head and fully protect the eyes. All goggles must meet USA Lacrosse safety standards.

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    protective goggles (glasses)

    Players that wear glasses may want to try Bangerz, if you cannot find a pair of goggles that will fit over their glasses.

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    Players are required to wear a mouthguard while practicing and playing. We recommend purchasing a mouth guard and custom fitting it at home, following the package directions. Mouth guards must fully cover all teeth and cannot have anything protruding from the mouth.